Sunday, June 26, 2016

More of the Same

Liberal internationalism seems to have been dying for a while,” said Mark S. Mellman, a Democratic pollster who is not involved with the Clinton campaign. “But while that may be the animating philosophy of foreign policy intellectuals the world over, it is not the animating philosophy of America, nor of our domestic politics.”
Hillary Clinton is stuck in her old ways, unable or unwilling to adapt, but still, the NYT reminds us that a Trump election could possibly cause chaos. It's not clear what kind of chaos but they have to keep readers scared enough of Trump that they'll be willing to put up with the same tired business as usual from Hillary.

The best sentence in the article is:
Not many voters want a lecturer as president.
No kidding. That's what we've had for seven years now and it's wearing thin. It's not just that people are tired of lectures and scolding, people want a president who thinks that the US is great and its people are too.

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