Monday, August 29, 2016

Sunday, August 28, 2016

No, Really HE'S The Racist

MSNBC says they're going to play a clip from Clinton's speech while they're talking about how racist Trump is. Instead they show how racist they are.

Update: I had the video embedded but it's been removed from YouTube. Here's a link where you can read about it and watch what happened.

"Absolutely not what we were going to play."

I bet it wasn't. It must suck when you're trying to talk about how Trump is a racist and you play a video that makes you look racist instead.

I wonder about people who are always accusing others of racism. Is it because they have a hard time suppressing the racism in their own hearts and assume that other people are equally hateful?

Old Woman Yells At Internet

Then someone in the crowd yells, "Pepe!" and gets thrown out of the rally by the Secret Service. She must have thought he was "the hacker known as 4chan" and was afraid he would release more of her deleted emails.

Sunday's Rare Donald