Sunday, January 31, 2016

Chobani Sells Ignorance

Or, at least they were trying to. Now they've been ordered to stop running ads that claim Dannon’s rival light Greek yogurt brand contains chlorine and is unsafe to eat.

Chobani’s commercials show a young woman lounging by a pool chair when she reaches for a cup of Dannon yogurt. A voiceover intones: “Dannon Light & Fit Greek actually uses artificial sweeteners like sucralose. Sucralose? Why? That stuff has chlorine added to it!”
Sucralose is manufactured by the selective chlorination of sucrose and Chobani is implying that this is the same as eating chlorine used in pools.

They have also advertised that Yoplait Greek 100 contains pesticide.

The TV spot prominently displays Yoplait Greek 100, with a woman examining the package. At this point a voiceover states, “Yoplait Greek 100 actually uses preservatives like potassium sorbate.”
The narration then continues, “Really?! That stuff is used to kill bugs!” During this exchange, the woman’s face is pinched in a look of disgust as she further examines the Yoplait container; she then flings the container into the garbage.
Is their yogurt so bad that they only way they can sell it is to try to demonize their competition?

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