Saturday, January 30, 2016

Arbitrary Culture Rules

All new students at the University of Missouri have to go through diversity training.

Martinez, who is currently researching “gender, migration, and citizenship on the reproductive health beliefs and practices of Midwestern Latinas,” also warned that any non-Mexican person who uses makeup associated with the Mexican custom of Día de Muertos is engaging in cultural appropriation
However, Martinez also carefully instructed, students who make model alters resembling Día De Los Muertos altars for one of her class assignments are engaged in “cultural sharing.” That’s totally fine, she explained.

 Martinez also complained about photos of people wearing taco costumes. (No word if these were students or just photos she found online and felt the need to bitch about.) She said they weren't even Mexican tacos because the costumes had I guess appropriating the crispy shelled, meat, cheese, and lettuce California Taco Bell taco is taking this guy's culture.
Taco Bell founder Glen Bell.

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