Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Who Is Lying, Michelle or Corey?

I can believe that Michelle Fields thought she was being pulled down by Corey Lewandowski. Maybe she never played any contact sports or games like King of the Hill when she was a child. And she's way too young to have attended a concert at Riverfront pre-1980. Her attention was on Trump and being pulled startled her and it felt worse than it looked. For her it was a rare event that happened to her.

I can also believe that Lewandowski doesn't think he did anything. He mostly only saw her from behind, his attention was more on Trump than her, and he was just moving away a random person who had gotten to close and refused to move when told to back off. It happened quickly, and for him, it could be something he has to do a lot - push or pull people away from Trump so they can get through the crowd. (I'm not saying he's always yanking people out of the way. If he grabs someone who is paying attention to him, it would be easier to pull and gently maneuver that person out of the way than it someone whose attention was elsewhere.) For him it was a common event (people crowding Trump).

This is where Fields in continuing to touch Trump after having been told to back off, before Lewandowski grabs her.

Their perceptions of what happened are different, but for similar reasons:
  • their attention was on Trump
  • how rare/common the event was
  • who was the principal in the event - for Michelle, it became about her. For Corey, it started out being about Trump and stayed about Trump.

So, I think they can be both be telling the story the way they believe it happened. I also think that if she were a man, we never would have heard of any problem.

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