Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Who's Crazy Now?

I saw this article - Maybe Donald Trump has really lost his mind: What if the GOP frontrunner isn’t crazy, but simply not well? - and Googled the author to see what her background in psychology was, since she felt assured of her opinion enough to write about it like this.

Her degrees are in Spanish and Latin American literature and philosophy. On an "about me" page it says, "she was raised by a strong, bright, and brave mother, who taught her children that “rules were made to be broken” and to question authority." So, I don't know, is she questioning authority here or questioning someone else's right to question the status quo?

If you're wondering whether you should bother reading the article, I'll give you one quote to help decide - "One excellent example was John Oliver’s brilliant piece on Trump that ended by outing that Trump’s name had originally been Drumpf—a truth that was extremely ironic since Trump himself likes to mock others for their names."

If you think an ancestor in the 1600s changing the spelling of their last name is a "gotcha", then this article is for you. If it bothers you to see someone repeat falsehoods while calling the other person a liar, then this article will just smell like desperation.

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