Monday, October 17, 2016

Rigging the Election

The idea is to agitate in line and be so obnoxious that you get someone to react. Then the news covers it and says how violent the Trump supporters are.

The "naturally psychotic" people he's talking about are the ones attending the rally who get mad at people saying that Trump is a Nazi.

Weird, huh? Because you know that someone pulling that at a Hillary rally would be greeted with, "that's okay, everyone has their own opinion" if.

They share a list of all the Trump and Pence appearances and get people to turn out to agitate. It's really surprising that there hasn't been more conflict than there has. If you have enough people showing up, trying to engage in conflict, eventually they're going to find a few people who are having a bad day and are just one asshole away from losing it.

The people claiming responsibility for events like the Chicago Trump protest say they coordinate with the Clinton campaign and the DNC.

Also, according to Scott Foval, Iowa and Wisconsin are "racist as fuck".

Watch the whole video.

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