Saturday, February 6, 2016

Why the Girls Like Bernie

Feminist Gloria Steinem says young women support Bernie because they want attention from boys.

Steinem was a feminist leader in the 1960s and '70s. She tarnished feminism for a lot of women in the '90s by supporting Bill Clinton over the women accusing him of sexual assault and rape. (And before that time, a personal relationship in the workplace between a powerful man and a woman with relatively little power would have been seen as abusive. That kind of power imbalance was seen as exploitative, even when the woman was in the relationship by choice.)

Apparently sacrificing her feminist ideals once for the Clintons wasn't enough. Now she's saying that young women are choosing Bernie just to find a boy. If she had just been trying to make a point about how some people say that men support feminism just to get laid, then I could see saying this.

She also talks about her book, My Life on the Road, and how the road used to be for men while women remained at home. She says that "the road" was considered dangerous but, statistically, the home is more dangerous. Well, duh. More accidents happen at home because people, even those that travel, are at home some of the time.

Maher asks if Feminism is something that goes beyond our borders. The answer is that it was great when Hillary (as First Lady) went to China and said that women's rights are human rights but it's not our business when women in Muslim countries suffer. The women in those countries need to take care of it themselves.

She does say that Islam being attached to the government is the problem, theocracies are the problem...but then she says that Christian theocracies are a problem. Is the Vatican acting up again?

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