Monday, September 26, 2016

First Presidential Debate 9/26/2016

Watch the debate  live on C-SPAN. They're doing a split screen so you  can watch both candidates the whole time.

HRC goes first. She says we need jobs. Wants to raise minimum wage and, finally, equal pay for women. Wealthy will pay their fair share.

DJT sounds a little subdued compared to what we're used to. He talks about Ford leaving the U.S. and losing manufacturing/jobs to other countries.

He points out Clinton has been working in government 30 years and still hasn't done anything about improving jobs here.

He describes the disadvantage we have in trade with Mexico since they have a VAT and everything we sell there is automatically taxed. We don't have that tax so they don't have to pay it here.

She accuses him of saying climate change is a hoax, he denies it.

Holt allows HRC to continue to talk even though he said they were taking a break.

Trump says he'll release his taxes as soon as she releases her emails. Someone in the audience cheered. Holt reminds them that they promised to stay silent.

HRC hypothesizes why DJT won't release his taxes. He's not as rich as he says, not as charitable as he says, that he has debt to foreign banks, or that he doesn't pay federal taxes.

Someone cheered a comment by Clinton. Let's see if Holt admonishes them too.

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