Friday, September 2, 2016

I Am Not a Crook

40 times Hillary Clinton told the FBI she couldn't remember.

It includes not remembering any briefing or training about handling federal records. Her excuse is that she has brain damage (no, really) from the stroke she had around that time. Didn't she receive any briefing about how to handle classified information when she was a senator on the Armed Services Committee? Did she forget all of that too?

Part of the whole "Hillary's got experience" propaganda is that she has been in the White House and has the benefit of having learned about the presidency through her husband's two terms in office yet she couldn't manage to learn that Top Secret information needs to be handled in a way that protects it from foreign agents. Keeping it on a relatively insecure server and using her email (and that server) when in foreign countries isn't indicative of someone who has experience...or an IQ higher than room temperature.

If anyone else had treated secure information the way she has, they wouldn't be running for president, they'd be doing time in a federal penitentiary.

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