Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Who Won the First Debate?

Here are some online polls that are tracking opinions on the winner:

Drudge - at the time of this posting it shows Trump at 81.5% to Clinton's 18.5%

NJ.com - which also offers "neither" and "I don't know" as options. It has Trump at 53.99% and Clinton at 41.31%

Time.com - Trump is currently at 58% and Clinton is at 42%

Fortune.com - they're tied at 50% each over all, Trump at 54% to Clinton's 46% on the economy, his 53% to her 47% on national security, and 50% each on clearest vision for America. Most people who responded (80%) didn't have their minds changed by the debate.

Las Vegas Sun readers think that Trump was the winner.

CNBC - finally there's one with Clinton in the lead 52% to Trump's 48%.

Update: The CNBC has reversed (and then some). Trump is at 56% and Clinton at 44%. He's also pulled ahead in the Fortune.com poll and has increased his lead in the others.

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