Monday, May 16, 2016

Clinton and Byrd K-I-S-S-I-N-G

Robert Byrd served as a Democratic Representative and Senator for the state of West Virginia. In the 1940s he recruited 150 friends to start a new local KKK chapter. In 1964, when he was a Senator, he gave a 14 hour and 13 minute speech during a filibuster against the Civil Rights Act.

Hillary Clinton called Robert Byrd her "friend and mentor". The_Donald subreddit on has decided to honor that friendship with a series of pictures. Here's some of them:

Crooked Hillary
The original photo of Clinton and Byrd, taken in 2004.

Rare Byrd Pepe
Clinton and Byrd Pepes posted by u/betawho

Crooked Manga
Manga Clinton and Byrd posted by u/chuck-heston

She's a liar, not a lady
Nice meme, u/Minutiae_Man, but she's no lady.

Clinton in the clouds
u/GentlemanMetalHead saw a couple of Byrds (and a Clinton) in the clouds.

the stars say she's lying
u/lewd_minx saw them in the stars

those jellies will give you a belly ache
Jelly Byrds from u/sdtgndrfymndstrmy

A test for Hillary blindness from u/mastermx

skeevy sketching
Etch-a-Clinton by u/GiveMeBackMySon

cubism for squares
u/s3rr00 shared this rare Picasso Clinton and Byrd

mom and pop art
And here's a Warhol from u/LanceCasteau

things from a nightmare
Things started getting weird with u/RossTheColonel
("continued to get weird" might be more accurate than "started")

u/A_Damn_Idiot posted a picture of: Byrd, fingers, Clinton

Hillary probably isn't the zodiac killer
An unsolved cypher from the Zodiac Killer posted by u/Thomas_Pickles

having her face on money is probably on her bucket list
Clinton and Byrd on u/MrLessMore's coin

It's Sleezel!
u/GETSTUMPED asks, "Who's that pokemon?"

it's aliiiiiive
u/abnalahad still saw signs of life in the meme

yes, they're that old
 Egyptian hieroglyphs posted by u/TolandsKin

this Byrd will make your pee smell funny
It even showed up in u/findingorwell's breakfast

you'll get more of a lift from coffee than any of HRC's economic plans
u/______DEADPOOL______ has the coffee to go with that breakfast.

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