Saturday, May 21, 2016

Sanders Supporters Don't Like Clinton or Wasserman Schultz

That doesn't surprise me. I'm more surprised that anyone does like either of them.
Sanders supporters blame Wasserman Schultz for what they see as system rigged against their candidate and say he is being cheated by contests closed to independents and unfair weight to superdelegates.
The system is rigged, that's the whole idea behind superdelegates - make sure the rubes don't have the final say in who gets nominated.
The online anger erupted this week after Wasserman Schultz called on Sanders to get his supporters in line after a rowdy Nevada Democratic convention where Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) endured a hearty booing. Wasserman Schultz also criticized death threats and obscene messages left on the voicemail of the chairwoman of the Nevada state party.
I can understand their anger and confusion. Democrats are only supposed to treat Republicans like that, not other Democrats, especially not their "betters".

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