Friday, May 20, 2016

Playing the Woman Card

The Daily Beast has an article on why it's not working for Hillary Clinton to play the woman card against Trump. It talks about the failed NYT hit piece.
Among the allegedly startling revelations, we learned he sees many women as sex objects, whom he’d like to see in a bikini. (What a surprise.) We learned he believes the ideal woman is not overweight. (Shocking.) We learned he judges beauty pageant contestants on whether he considers them hot or not. (Didn’t see that coming.) We also learned—perhaps most legitimately surprising of all—that Trump has actually promoted a number of women to key leadership roles within his organization.
That Trump has promoted women is only a surprise if you believed the propaganda put out by his opponents. At least The Daily Beast is admitting to being that gullible, or that they believe their readers are.
 The New York Times’ groundbreaking investigation essentially proved one thing: Trump is more like the average man than some of us thought only with more ego and money to say what he actually thinks, and to date who he actually wants to.
Yes. That's why people have been talking about it being the year for populists. Trump may be extremely wealthy but regular people are still able to identify with him.

You can tell that they still aren't quite paying attention.
 It’s hard to know how Trump would legislate on “women’s issues” because as with most issues, the man has not exactly been Mr. Consistent. (He wanted to punish women who seek abortions, until he thought about it for a nanosecond then didn’t.)
He didn't say he wanted to punish them, just that if abortion were illegal it would be logical to assume there would be consequences for anyone breaking the law. That's usually how laws work.

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