Saturday, May 14, 2016

How Trump Treats Women

The NYT wrote what they probably hoped would be a damning report. There's a lot of words but not much content.

I have a problem with people relating stories that happened decades ago, especially ones about people or situations that would make it likely that they've repeated the stories often. Stories grow with retelling. It's not malicious, it's human nature. You tell an anecdote and get positive attention. The next time you tell it, you might add a little embellishment - not an outright lie, just some tweaking - to the parts that got people's attention before. Over time, the story has changed, and because our minds work that way, we believe the changes to be the truth. (Reconstructive memory)
In all, more than 50 interviews were conducted over the course of six weeks.
Even with that, there's not much here that could be considered damning, and I can't help but wonder where was the "how Bill Clinton treats women" article before he was elected? Has there at any time been an interview with "dozens of women" who have worked for him, dated him, or interacted socially? Or for that matter, how Hillary Clinton has treated the women that Bill worked with, dated, or interacted with?

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