Sunday, May 22, 2016

Facebook Trending News Stories

Liberal people first
I had barely noticed the "Trending" news stories on FB before the news broke that they were curated to promote liberal stories over conservative ones. I kind of feel like this was the point - no one was paying attention to the stories, now they are, whichever side of politics they're on.

Now, for fun (yes, this is what I consider fun, don't tell me how boring my life must be), I click the little "x" to the right of some of the news stories to "hide trending item". Then I get to pick among: I don't care about this, I keep seeing this, It's offensive or inappropriate, other, I want to see something else.

"It's offensive" is one of my favorite choices for the most inoffensive stories. T-Rex may have had lips that hid teeth - Offensive! Any story about celebrities - I don't care! Human interest or animal stories get "other" or "I want to see something else" because I'd feel too sociopathic if I picked "I don't care".

I guess I won't have a chance to use "I keep seeing this" unless they post a bunch of stories about Trump winning. I could use it if they posted a bunch of stories about Crooked Hillary or Bill Clinton's trips to pedophile island, but, seriously, how likely is it that they'll promote those stories?

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