Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hillary is Clueless

Hillary Clinton didn't use password to protect her PC and used unsecure personal BlackBerry to send private emails 'because she's clueless with computers'
 Aw, she's just like grandma, can't seem to figure out this newfangled technology. Poor old thing.


Age has nothing to do with it. Learning to use a desktop computer for email does not require any special skills or youthfulness. Technology isn't going to go away just because she can't be bothered with it.

What kind of decision making choices would she bring to the presidency if her thoughts hinge on avoiding technology or anything that is unfamiliar? Let's make things overly complicated instead of learning a simple new skill.

Sometimes I wonder if unfamiliarity with the technology was just an excuse. She was smart enough to get a law degree, so she can't be that stupid, can she? Maybe it was just a power play. See if she could get the State Department to change rules and adapt to her rather than have her change to adapt to it.

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