Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Other Six are Lying

FOUR in ten Aussies admit they have drunk so much they’ve vomited....
Nearly eight in ten Australians consume alcohol with wine (33 per cent) the most common beverage of choice followed by beer (20 per cent) and spirits (15 per cent).
Okay, maybe just four out of the remaining six were lying. (And don't you want to put a comma after "alcohol"? The way it is, it's hard to read it without thinking they're saying they consume alcohol with wine.)
“They tend to buy into the alcohol industry advertising spin. The reality is very different, with drinkers far more likely to have experienced negative consequences, and far less likely to have felt happy or relaxed,” Ms Giorgi said.
If you think alcohol will make you magically happy, maybe you just need to grow the fuck up.

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