Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What's Up With the Washington Post?

Just a sample of some of the headlines from today and yesterday.

Trump escalates attack on Bill Clinton
Donald Trump, the welfare king
The Trump train is fueled by conspiracy
Donald Trump’s primary success may have convinced him to make a critical error
A mural showing Donald Trump kissing Boris Johnson appears in Britain
What you need to know about the next recession (starring Donald Trump)
Want to see a GOP senator duck and run? Ask about Trump.
On Fox News, Donald Trump accuses Hillary Clinton of taking ‘set-up questions’
The funny way the media asks Donald Trump questions
Trump shouldn’t wait until the convention to announce his vice president
Trump proposes wall to protect golf resort from rising seas (Yep, he even made it into the sports section)
Clinton: Trump could ‘bankrupt America’ like his companies (Clinton unclear on what Chapter 11 is)
Donald Trump’s trade policies are dangerous
In swing state suburbs, white women are skeptical of Trump
Reluctant pro-Trump Republicans are kidding themselves

I would suggest that the paper change its name but "We're Obsessed with Trump and We Must Prop Up Hillary's Failing Campaign" won't fit on the masthead.

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