Friday, May 20, 2016

Tell It to a Jockey

Miss Universe 1996 has called Trump a bully for requiring her to work out when she gained a noticeable amount of weight after winning the beauty pageant - a pageant she chose to enter, knowing that she would be judged on her looks.

Jockeys who ride racehorses have to meet weight requirements set by the racetracks. The Kentucky Derby (Run for the Roses) has a weight limit of 126 pounds, which includes about 7 pounds of equipment.

Different jobs have different requirements. Beauty queens and jockeys need to watch their weight. These aren't the kind of jobs that someone just falls into because there was nothing else available. Both take determination and a desire to succeed at that particular thing. You make a choice, then you fulfill your obligation.

Does anyone think that she should get a pass just because she was a young woman? Teachers, doctors, tradespeople all have to take continuing education classes to be able to keep working. If your job requires a uniform and you won't wear it, you'll get fired. Come to work drunk or hung over and it would be reasonable to expect to get fired. All jobs have some rules you have to follow. She broke the rules. Instead of being replaced with the first runner-up, she was given a chance to come back into compliance and somehow that makes Trump a meanie. Yay, women power!

(This gets a "Hypocrites" tag because, seriously, if anyone else in a regular wage-slave job were told to adhere to the rules under which they were hired, it would be a non-story.)

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